Our History

We got started raising money by having yard sales.  We did enough to get into a little store across from the Botanical Gardens and we had a hit on our hands.  We were able to get into the nice beautiful store we are in now and become independent from Medicare.  At the time we became independent we went on average from helping 8 people a month to 45 people a month!  It is so wonderful to know we are able to help so many people.

Our Mission

To help as many people as possible at the end of their life.  People are able to stay in their homes with the help from Hospice.  We work closely with home health.  We have some durable medical equipment for loan to patients that are on the Hospice list.  The medical equipment is handled by Friends of Hospice and is stored at the Thrift Store.

What We've Achieved

We have grown in leaps and bounds thanks to all the Volunteers and all the Customers. Our Volunteers work really hard to keep the store neat and tidy and everything priced right.  Our Customers come and find their treasures and then they bring us wonderful donations.  It all works together, nice teamwork.