We gratefully accept donations of sellable goods at the Hospice Thrift Store as well as financial donations in store and through our Donate button below.

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Thrift Store Goods - Donation Policy:

All items must be clean and in sellable condition. Please no stains or tears.

We ask that all clothing and linens be laundered prior to donation, as we have no laundry facilities here at the store.

We cannot accept donations that have a mold, mildew, marijuana or cigarette smoke odor, as these items cannot be resold.

Thank you for your donations and for your continued support of the Hospice program.


The following items CANNOT be accepted for donation, regardless of their condition, as we are unable to resell them here at the store:

Mattresses * Cribs * Bed Pillows * Sofas * Desks * Exercise Equipment
Child Car Seats * Flotation Devices * Helmets * Large Household Appliances * Incomplete or Broken Toys
Cars and other Large Motorized Vehicles * Live Animals * Encyclopedia Sets * Pianos
Computers and Computer Monitors * Printers * Fax Machines

Other items may be declined if we do not have space to accommodate them.


Donated Televisions must meet the following criteria:

Thin Flat-Screen models only (no deep-bodied TVs), In working order

Must have a working remote control and Must be manufactured in 2010 or later (date is on back of every TV)